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Precision farming and agriculture techniques benefit from rugged tablets that bring durable, rugged technology and information onto the fields.

A general definition of precision farming is that it relies on advanced technologies such as satellite imaging, geospatial tools, and very precise field positioning via GPS.

Precision agriculture requires advanced mapping that shows not only the general geography, but also soil types, pest incidence, and a variety of other environmental variables that can affect crop selection and management. It also employs very precise site and crop management as well as an overall economic and environmental model of the farm, its crops, and its impact and relationship with adjacent eco systems.

What all this means is that precision agriculture relies on a far greater technology and systems component than more traditional farming. There is heavy use of GPS and GIS, heavy reliance on sophisticated data capture and system integration, as well as advanced decision support models.

That's where Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad comes into its own.

Thanks to world-class connectivity, performance, portability and unrivalled durability, they are enabling professionals in the agriculture sector to achieve far more in the field than ever before. Paperwork is being rendered unnecessary. Weather conditions - it could be rain or snow, or bright sunshine - don't hamper progress or cause unnecessary downtime. The need for multiple devices is no longer relevant.

Quite simply, Toughbooks are helping agricultural workers become more productive, more efficient and more profitable.